Just not in that order!

The blizzicane of 2011 didn’t keep us from heading to Atlanta for the January Gift Show.  With 12 hour delays, I was the last (and only for 2 days) flight out from Austin on Tuesday night.  With ground transportation to a halt, we heard horror stories of people stranded in the Atlanta airport for days, with no food (since they weren’t able to receive deliveries).  Mom and I packed snacks, and brought blankets to camp out in the airport.  Thinking at least we’d be that much closer to the Market Center.

But things were looking up when we were able to take the Marta to our hotel, only to have to drag our 100 lbs of luggage up hill…over 3 inch thick ice!  Cars and trucks were sliding all over the streets…it was nuts!!!!

(Feeling sorry for us, yet)  🙂

These are  just a few of the crazy things we retailers do to find new stuff for our stores.  The freezing temps continue, so the city is still pretty iced over outside.  But inside the Market, it’s the warmth of bright Spring colors blossoming all over the new FABULOUS merchandise…making our adventure so worth it.

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