Open up to a magical world of stories, passion and beauty – a world that stimulates your curiosity as well as ignites your imagination.  This spring Trollbeads brings you the nature and light of the North – the mythological land of trolls, fairies, magical stories.

Welcome spring with a handful of spring flowers light as a feather in both glass and silver. In addition to this we also bring you kittens and puppies and the most beautiful heart, to be assembled by two loved ones.

Delicious pink and turquoise agate brings additional color to the collection, and as we are getting ready for summer you will feel like being at the beach: waves, the beach, reef, shells, sea urchins, bathing ball, bikini and palms. And if this is not enough adventure for you, then we have the spirit of freedom… inspired by the classic Peter Pan.

Double Heart.
Two hearts become one – fused together in eternal love.

Spirit of Freedom.
Freedom. Fantasy. Dreams. This little kid inspires you to fulfill your dreams and hold on to the child inside of you. Inspired by the classic Peter Pan he is sailing through the sky and dancing on the waves. So just forget it, you can’t control him… he is pure freedom.

Crashingly, splashingly, foamingly, blue the waves wash onto our shores. Again and again. Nature’s great clockwork endlessly ticking away.

Shadow Flower
When the night comes and the moon rises in the northern sky, it bursts into bloom, revealing a shimmering pearl in a world of shadows.

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