If you have ever visited the store when I’m is out of town, you’ve probably witnessed
a Barley tantrum.  Whether it’s for 5 min or 5 days, he’s a nervous wreck.  Barley is
a scratcher if he gets nervous, and he’s always romping through weeds and pollens that
set his skin crawling.   But what I learned at market, when I talked with the owners
of Sonoma Lavender the healing benefits of lavender are safe for even our fur babies.

Lavender essential oil does multiple duty:

1. Heals the broken skin.
2. Soothe itchy skin.
3. Soothe nervous, agitated feelings.
4. Repel any insects, fleas, ticks, etc.
5. The strong pungent taste of lavender oil prevents further licking and biting.

So I’m sure the girls will be rubbing Lavender oil on Barley’s temples on my next trip! 
He’s such a spoiled dog.

Best always~ jb

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