Well friends, it’s t minus five days until Thanksgiving. Can you believe how fast this year has flown by? It’s mind blowing to think we are fast approaching the most wonderful time of the year. We know how crazy it can get during this season so we’ve packed this Sunday’s blog with five tips from decorating to dishes to de-stressing to get you through Thanksgiving week or any other holiday!

1. Clean out the refrigerator now. We go shopping, we get it all home and then we can’t close the fridge door! Empty the refrigerator of all but the essentialfee40fee-9053-4365-9f8e-7fa2020099das now. I am sure if you look in there you will see cans of vinegars and unopened jellies that are just taking up space.
Next up, tackle those leftovers. If you’re like us, you’ll have a weeks worth of leftovers after Thanksgiving. Throw out the leftovers you have in the fridge now because we know its going to be turkey sandwiches all week.
Still need more room? Use a beach cooler for the casseroles, dips, and other foods that must stay chilled 24 hours before the meal. Fill it with ice or frozen gel packs and stow it in the garage or another spot out of the sun.

2. Decorating for Thanksgiving is as easy as pie. It really is! If you missed our FB live event this past Tuesday, you can see the full video here and be inspired for your own Thanksgiving. Watch Jaime give us decorating tips for our Thanksgiving table and mantle if you want to go the extra mile.


3. A turkey and seven side dishes but only one stove! To keep organized, create a 92b35608-373a-4d20-bda4-661ced54010eprep list of everything that needs to be made for your Thanksgiving meal. Take your list and split it into two days. Figure out the recipes that can be made the day before. This will make it less stressful in the kitchen on the big day.
Next, identify the meals that will take the longest to cook. Work backwards from the time you want to eat dinner and add fifteen minutes to each recipe because there is always a missing ingredient or that football play that interrupts the household and makes thing go a bit longer.
Finally, look at all of your recipes and see which ones have the same temperature. You can cook them at the same time!

4. Keep the kids busy at the table! Why is it when the kids have to sit down to a a30c1ece-99aa-4c1a-9352-f2d01fc00e34holiday meal…the clock is always ticking for them? Maybe it’s the excitement of the day or family and friends in your home or them not wanting to sit at the “kid” table. Whatever it is, having something the little ones can do during dinner will help curb the “Can I be excused please?”
Pick up some craft paper and use it as as a placemat or runner. Take a sharpie and write their name at their spot, add a spot for them to write what they are thankful for and set out the crayons. This should help create a little peace and add an extra 20 minutes of them sitting during the big meal. You can even do it at the “adult” table and then go around the table and share what you are thankful for.

5. Take out the stress! Often, we take on way more than we can handle. Do what only 81682e78-36a6-40b6-a5b6-351c27131476you can do, and let someone else do what anyone can do. We promise you that no one will care whether you cleaned your bathroom that morning or hired a house cleaner to give your house the once-over the day before.
Delegate! Everyone has that family member or friend that has asked how they can help. Take them up on their offer! Just because you’re hosting doesn’t mean you have to do it all. Plus, it will give them some joy that they were able to help with Thanksgiving day. You don’t really want to do those dishes anyways…many hands make light work!
Next, have realistic expectations for both yourself and your loved ones. Holidays don’t usually change a person’s stripes so you can plan for that instead of being blindsided. Have family members that can be a bit difficult? Plan before hand and team up with someone so that it doesn’t all fall to you alone. You’ll be able to tag team them in so you can take a moment to breathe.
Plan some time for yourself. Leave one bottle of wine in the fridge for your end-of-the-day treat. Put on some music, soak in a hot bubble bath, and congratulate yourself on a job well done and getting through another Thanksgiving. Aaaah. Now isn’t that better?

*Bonus Tip: If you know it’s going to be a really stressful environment, call the spa on Monday or Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Schedule yourself a massage for the weekend so you have something to look forward to.

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