You’ve seen all the photos on social media over the holiday weekend and now it’s time to dig out the tree…but you’re still feeling uninspired. Well, we’ve got a few new ways to get you out of your Christmas decorating rut! Find fresh inspiration for decorating your tree for this holiday season…and remember, you can never have enough lights on your Christmas tree. If you still feel uninspired after reading, stop by the shop and we’d love to brainstorm with you and give you a little Christmas cheer.

Add Some Plaid!
We’ve said it all season, add some plaid! Now, we’re saying put it on your tree or near the tree rather. Use decor, like a ladder and drape a plaid blanket nearby and choose some plaid wrapping paper. It will make your tree look timeless yet fresh.


Vintage glass ornaments sold at Point of Origin.
Go Vintage
There is something magical about those classic vintage looking ornaments. Now harder to find authentic vintage ornaments, you can still buy vintage looking ornaments today to achieve this look. Popular in the 40s and 50s, they would come in bright colors and sparkly indents that would cast shimmering reflections.

Use Marquee Letters

You can never have enough light! Try using some of those Marquee letters to spell out some of your favorite holiday words: Peace, Joy, Love, or your family’s name!

c43cc35f-6098-4ac8-95d2-e7fcf5ab9f4dSeason’s Greetings
Don’t know what to do with all the cards flooding in during this time of year? Use some jute rope as garland and some clothes pins and clip all your “Good Tidings” from friends and family on your tree. It’s a fun way to show off all the love!

It’s A Winter Wonderland
This one is even topped with a snowy owl. It’s easy to pull this look off and goes with just about any of your home decor. Flock your tree (or buy one pre-flocked), add some burlap, and just keep adding in rustic, woodsy ornaments.

Poinsettias are not just for centerpieces for tables and they’re a great decorating piece for your tree because they scream Christmas cheer! Take the flowers, put in some floral water tubes, and tuck in various spots all over the tree. Add ornaments where needed and you’ve got a bright and merry tree!

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