With the cold weather, out come all of our big coats and sweaters. If you live in Texas, this means you need something that’s going get you through a vast amount of temperatures all in one day! The poncho and cape is the solution to our bipolar weather.
People are often intimidated by them because it can be a lot of fabric and we’re not sure how to pair it or wear it. Well don’t be afraid! They are ridiculously cozy and so comfortable and everyone should own at least two of them because the look is so easy to pull off!
First off, what’s the difference between a poncho and a cape? A poncho is a rectangle and goes over your head. It has a hole for your head, and no other opening in the front. You want to wear it on an angle so the point of the rectangle falls down to the side of your hips so you’re not creating a horizontal line that cuts you in half.
A cape wraps around your shoulders (think superhero) and is made out of a circle, that opens to the front. It may or may not have holes for your arms. Historically, capes have had hoods and even made appearances in the 90s. Remember, Whitney Houston’s cape in The Bodyguard?
Because this look is so easy to pull off, it makes a great gift! Capes generally come in one size only and Ponchos tend to share two sizes so its an easy buy for someone who loves clothes.

Go for a print. 
Ponchos and capes are often known as a relaxed, informal piece but an easy way to dress it up is to choose a printed poncho and pair it with a monochromatic outfit. Make your focus the poncho by using one solid color from head to toe underneath.

Create some shape
Ponchos and capes can be top heavy. To change it up, toss the skinny jeans, and pair it with flared pant or jean. The wider leg bottom will create the illusion of slender legs…yes please!

Break out the shorts.
This one goes great with our Texas weather. If you put the summer wardrobe away, time to go back to it. Grab all those cute shorts from summer (no jeans) and bring them back out! Wear tights underneath, pair them with booties and throw on a poncho. You’ve got a chic new look.

Layer. Layer. Layer.
Okay, we know we say it all the time but layer, layer, layer. And yes, you can layer with a cape or a poncho. Pick a tight-fitting, long sleeve shirt with a pattern and pair it with a your favorite solid color poncho. Or visa versa and choose a solid and pair it with a bolder cape.

Put a belt on it. 
Belts go great with capes and ponchos. Add a belt and you’ve instantly created a flattering silhouette amongst all that fabric. Just make sure you use one that’s big enough to contain all the fabric and not get lost.
Just some of the styles offered at Point of Origin.


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