Meet and Greet Captain Rodney!

Put on your best pirate finery and join us on Captain Rodney’s Great American Treasure Hunt at Point of Origin!

Saturday, Aug 26th 11am – 3pm 
FREE Tastings, receipe ideas and fun with 
THE Captain …and his family!  

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We’ll be having som pirate fun with discounts and special offers storewide! Arrrrrrr!

About Captain Rodney’s & the Great American Treasure Hunt:
So what is a family from Tennessee doing throwing a pirate themed event in Austin, Texas? Well, that’s kind of a cool story.

We’ve been pirates, of a sort, for most of our lives. Our father, the Cap’n, was a pilot and we spent a lot of time traveling the Caribbean with his business. Flying from island to island, it was easy to imagine ourselves as dashing swashbucklers taking to the air in search of adventure. I guess you could say we caught the travel bug early on and that has always guided us. When we started our family business in 1995, making foods inspired by our time in the islands, the pirate theme stuck and we named it to honor our dad, Captain Rodney.

Since then, we have done a lot of traveling, going to trade shows and sampling our jams, jellies and sauces in stores. In 2003, a fellow traveler sent me a link to and it changed our lives. Now travel is not just an opportunity to share our products, it is also a chance to explore, to find geocaches in cool locations, the true “hidden treasures” of America. If you’ve got to be on the road anyway, you might as well make it an adventure. That’s how we ended up in Austin. A couple of years ago, my brother and I made a side trip here to seek the Necropolis of Britannia Manor and really enjoyed the cache and a couple of amazing restaurants, so we are coming back to explore more. A special thank you to Point of Origin for agreeing to host our event.

Our fellow geocachers have shared so much with us that we wanted to give something back. Our work and our play have always been linked, so partnering with Geocaching HQ on a Trackable Promotion and Contest just made sense. This summer we will be traveling across the country, attending Mega-Events and hosting our own events to give away unactivated Captain Rodney’s Trackable Tags. Nothing to buy, no sales pitch, just come out, visit with us, share your stories and be a part of the journey.